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Diversity as a Community Building Block with Nivi Achanta

Episode Summary

Today, we’re joined by Nivi Achanta, the Founder and CEO of Soapbox Project. Nivi wears almost all hats associated with community engagement, content, and events. Today, she talks about how she built her community from scratch with diversity in mind and how she implements it into every stage of planning and programming. Soapbox is a media company that makes social impact easy for busy people. Keeping a community inclusive without being exclusive requires a set of filters. One of the primary filters is that if you don't understand a community's problem or concept, and if you're not willing to work at these intersections, it may not suit you. Building a diverse community requires a tactical approach to people you follow and interact with, representing a wide range of perspectives. You need the right tools to address different groups in your community. Focus on creating a diverse, inclusive, and safe space.

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