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How to Reward your Superusers w/ Maddie Johannsen

Episode Summary

Today, we’re joined by Maddie Johannsen, a Senior Podcast Program Manager. In this episode, Maddie discusses the community, how it inspires its members, and how their discussions spark content and product ideas for the company. Recognition of engaged users is important, regardless of their level in the community. Perks can include direct participation in product feedback sessions, keynote and guest speaking opportunities, and community badges. Maddie’s team rewards their superusers with podcast appearances. This way, the superusers get public recognition for their efforts, while members get to know their superusers better. These and other efforts helped her community at Alteryx win the Community of the Year award at the 2021 Community Industry Award ceremony. She also discusses incorporating community voice in company efforts and providing opportunities to advance members’ careers and expand their networks. This better manages the member experience and aligns the company to the needs of the community. Too many features? She suggests making the UI more intuitive, more personalized, and less confusing. Maddie would love to sit down and chat with Sofia Rodriguez Mata of Venafi, a former guest on the podcast.

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