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Making Sense of Community Data with Jillian Bejtlich

Episode Summary

Today we’re joined by Jillian Bejtlich, Director of Community at Zapier, a platform that automates integration between multiple SaaS or non-SaaS platforms. Zapier eliminates the need for users to spend time dealing with code, and platforms having to manage partnerships/integrations with multiple platforms at once. Jillian’s team helps enable access to information for its partners, browsers, and users. They also recently took over Zapier documentation. Community managers can come from various careers, but they must be willing to work in the “happy middle” to enable synergy between the company and its customers. Being a data nerd helps in being an effective community manager who can help focus on narratives and find trends, serve content proactively, and map available data from the community with organizational goals. Customizing narratives according to users is also a crucial part of managing a community.

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