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Making Community Your Demand Generation Tool w/ Ben Winn

Episode Summary

Today, we’re joined by Ben Winn, Community and Events Manager at Catalyst, a fast-growing customer success platform. At Catalyst, Ben has laid the foundation of community with a recent push for internal audiences. Brand launch communications with unique ideas that customers can associate with your company to excite those passionate about the product. This makes the idea more shareable. At Catalyst, this means communicating in a more funny and quirky manner, which customers find engaging. You can use marketing leads or other metrics to measure the success of a community, but having the trust of your key stakeholders helps you make long-term decisions that may not have an immediate payoff. Community helps create value for other people, builds social capital, and builds brands. This brand leads to demand, and the community becomes a powerful “demand generation” tool. Start a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) as early as you can with the goal of learning and offer incentives for CAB members to provide their input.

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